Story of the Rainbow Station

How was born our gel dispenser ?

Louis and François our two CEO
Louis and François our two CEO


2 universes, 2 know-how, 2 entrepreneurial mindset:

We realized when we met (The Keepers & Merci Handy) that we had two big things in common:

  1. we are two French start-ups and
  2. we think that putting happiness in people’s lives is a very beautiful mission

So we decided to pool our respective skills, the connected automaton (The Keepers) and the premium hydroalcoholical gel (Merci Handy) to create the Rainbow Station. The idea? Transform a new reflex of everyday life (washing your hands) into a fun and playful experience, yes it is possible and we did it for you. 😉

Our teams working together to distribute happiness
Our teams working together to distribute happiness

Why did we chose each other and why we are so happy to partner in this crazier than crazy project?

At The Keepers, improving visitor reception in public places is our N°1 problem. Our startup created in 2014 designs and installs terminals that increase the comfort of visitors (helmet locker, phone charging station or cloakroom for coats).

At Merci Handy, we think that life is rich, beautiful and surprising, but that our daily life is often too serious and sometimes prevents us from seeing all the colors. Our mission? (Pronounced with a very serious intonation) Imagine this little parallel colorful world that bursts into your daily life and stays close to you, bring color to where you don’t expect it and make the ordinary extraordinary.

How to get in touch with us:

Call us at +33 1 84 19 39 90
Or write us an email at [email protected]