Rainbow Station

Rainbow Station : the perfumed and moisturizing cleaning gel dispenser

Disinfecting your hands when you arrive in a public place has become a reflex for everyone. With a nice perfume and a moisturizing gel that leaves the hands soft, it’s even better! The Rainbow Station transforms this new everyday reflex into a fun and enjoyable experience.

Offer a dose of happiness

To design our hydroalcoholic gel, we developed a unique biocidal formula with Merci Handy: Cosmic Juice. A citrus, tangy and 100% good vibes fragrance. A cosmic juice that propels into the famous Galax-citrus at the speed of light. We put it in the Rainbow Station to create a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser that leaves hands clean, but also perfumed and hydrated!

Hand it out with style

You can find this magical hydroalcoholic gel in our Rainbow Stations, designed to provide a fun experience thanks to their responsive animated screen; interactive rainbow Leds and controlled contactless distribution.

Spread it effortlessly

We offer you an all-inclusive service, allowing you to enjoy our Rainbow Stations without having to manage anything. With our flexible offer you can enjoy all the advantages of our always full and ready-to-use Rainbow Stations and adjust the number of stations to your needs.


We take care of everything. Rainbow Stations installed as fast as lightning.


Permanent replenishment with perfumed and moisturizing gel.


Adjustable sizing that fits your needs over time.


Customizable. Adaptable support for future needs.

Customer stories



“It was important for me to add color and a touch of fun to this anxiety-provoking atmosphere that we’ve all been living in for months! It’s a way to reassure the customer in their shopping but also save valuable time, as I no longer need to worry about the gel stock and place regular orders.”

ESSET Property Management


“The reasons for our choice are simple: an innovative product in its presentation, the quality of the gel, a playful concept and, compared to what is usually offered on the market, aesthetics is successful.”



“I chose the Rainbow Station because it is first of all very beautiful, colorful and it is important to make the obligations much more playful in the current context. It also allows me to differentiate myself from other stores. It is also hygienic because the gel does not flow everywhere. And the gel is a real joy for the smell, its softness and its glitter. A rainbow in this gloom of Covid.”

METRO Cash and Carry

Florence Rolland : METRO BERCY Store Manager

"I wanted to install the Rainbow station on Metro Bercy in order to transform this mandatory and stressful sanitary moment into a fun and enjoyable experience. The gel used is qualitative as much by its composition as by its perfume. This connected terminal lets you broadcast customizable messages on the screen and makes it easy to track its refilling."


Sandrine Bénard : Director of the Shopping Mall Saint-Sébastien

"Saint Sebastien wanted to set up a Rainbow Station to fulfill the new sanitary requirements while offering a pleasant service. We wanted to put gel that smells good, with a beautiful distribution station to become a pleasant gesture and contribute to a greater use of this gel by our visitors.”


Feryel Mokrani : Director of the Shopping Mall Passy Plaza

"In this particular health context, where we must welcome our visitors safely, the Rainbow Station seems to us to be the tool that best meets our needs for hydroalcoholic gel. The little plus of this contactless solution: its aesthetics and its fun side that makes it possible to sweeten this turbulent period we are going through»


Perrine Gillet : Marketing Manager Shopping Mall Passage du Havre

“This terminal allows us to transform a daily action into a fun and playful approach that gives smile. And, thanks to the Merci Handy virucide gel (EN14476), our customers keep a very pleasant perfume on their hands throughout their journey in the gallery, a real plus for a shopping in total serenity!”


Alexandra Farci : Director of the sopping mall Grand'Place

"Grand’Place Shopping Centre is currently undergoing a complete renovation. Aware that hand sanitization is not an ephemeral subject but a real long term service to offer to our customers, we wanted to combine health commitment and customer experience. The Rainbow Station will fit perfectly with our new Grand'Place, which is resolutely focused on its visitors.”

They talk about us

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