Rainbow Station

Rainbow Station : the perfumed and moisturizing cleaning gel dispenser

Disinfecting your hands when you arrive in a public place has become a reflex for everyone. With a nice perfume and a moisturizing gel that leaves the hands soft, it’s even better! The Rainbow Station transforms this new everyday reflex into a fun and enjoyable experience.

Offer a dose of happiness

To design our hydroalcoholic gel, we developed a unique biocidal formula with Merci Handy: Cosmic Juice. A citrus, tangy and 100% good vibes fragrance. A cosmic juice that propels into the famous Galax-citrus at the speed of light. We put it in the Rainbow Station to create a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser that leaves hands clean, but also perfumed and hydrated!

Hand it out with style

You can find this magical hydroalcoholic gel in our Rainbow Stations, designed to provide a fun experience thanks to their responsive animated screen; interactive rainbow Leds and controlled contactless distribution.

Spread it effortlessly

We offer you an all-inclusive service, allowing you to enjoy our Rainbow Stations without having to manage anything. With our flexible offer you can enjoy all the advantages of our always full and ready-to-use Rainbow Stations and adjust the number of stations to your needs.


We take care of everything. Rainbow Stations installed as fast as lightning.


Permanent replenishment with perfumed and moisturizing gel.


Adjustable sizing that fits your needs over time.


Customizable. Adaptable support for future needs.

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